I’ve been providing escort services in Amsterdam for quite a while now, both solo and as a duo escort.  For the most time I meet my clients alone, but every now and then a client will ask to meet with  two escort girls.  Maybe he’s in town on business with a colleague and they’re looking for some female company for a fun night out.  Maybe he’s in town on business and looking to experience the pleasure two escorts can bring to a single male.

I quite like meeting clients with another escort from the agency as it usually means that we can have more fun, especially when we’re meeting up with a couple of guys.  Being with a colleague automatically makes you relax more and helps to get the evening off to flying start.  The same works for the guys too as they have the extra confidence that comes from them being a twosome.   Conversation always seems so much easier too when there are four involved and it’s always far easier to find things to talk about.  I also find that the conversation is far more flirtatious and we tend to talk about more sexual topics far more quickly.

On the other hand, if I’m invited to meet with a single guy as part of an escort duo, we often find ourselves taking the lead, even with the most confident of men. There’s just something about the threesome dynamic which increases the sexual tension.  Many solo clients request two escorts so that they can experience our special four hands massage.  I love giving this kind of massage, there’s just something so mesmerising about getting in synch with your massage partner as you work in tandem over his body.

If you’ve been thinking of booking two escorts, whether as a solo client or to make up a foursome you’ll find it’s a different experience than meeting on a one to one basis.  Why not try it today?