I just love it when clients ask me to do the whole dinner date escort experience with them. I love the whole thing about getting dressed up, meeting them at the restaurant, making small talk and generally making sure that my client is having a wonderful time. It’s one of my favourite escort services. However I have had some dinner dates which have been less than perfect, so if you want to know how to keep your dinner date escort happy, here’s a few suggestions.

The vast majority of escort girls love being invited to dinner, especially if it’s at a nice restaurant. Like me, they love getting dressed up and being treated as a lady. They love the chance to have the time to get to know their clients over a relaxed meal and to build a relationship. And remember, the better you and your escort get to know each other, the more things you’ll be able to explore.

So if you invite your escort to dinner, it’s always polite to make the booking yourself. Choose a decent restaurant; it doesn’t have to be top class but neither should it be a greasy diner, and arrange to meet her beforehand in a bar or outside the restaurant rather than at the table itself. Always offer your date an aperitif. She may not choose to drink alcohol, but a soft drink will always be welcome. Let your companion choose her own food. Don’t be tempted to skimp or select something for her yourself because it’s cheap. I had that happen to me once and it’s not nice. Don’t worry, w won’t choose the most expensive thing on the menu, remember we want to see you again so we’re not going to start taking advantage of you. And finally, keep the conversation light – don’t pry too much into her personal life or start to talk politics or religion. Remember your evening with a dinner date escort is supposed to be fun!