I guess everybody must have heard of de Wallen, the famous Red Light District of Amsterdam, the place where nothing is left to the imagination and virtually anything goes. De Wallen or De Walletjes is the biggest and best known area; a network of alleyways along which almost three hundred windows are lit by the famous red lanterns which give the area its name. Packed full of sex shops, peep shows, sex theatres and even a sex museum it’s a magnet for those people looking to find sexual stimulation and to gaze at the women of all nationalities selling their wares.

While De Wallen might not be the ideal place to go for a date, I’ve had several clients ask me to show them around as part of our meeting. Although some girls may be offended, personally I don’t mind at all, it can provide many opportunities to find out what clients like and what kind of sexual interests they have. Of course, as I live in the city I also know the best places to go, what to see and what to avoid. The warren of streets is literally packed with places offering live sex shows, especially at the Casa Rosso and the Moulin Rouge, together with peep shows, sex shops selling all kinds of toys, videos and magazine and lots of gay bars and cinemas too.

And if you don’t fancy sampling some of the naughtier entertainment, de Wallen also has a good selection of bars and restaurants, including Blauw aan de Wal, a popular and stylish Mediterranean style restaurant which is a great place to go to dinner. So if you’re looking for somewhere to add a little extra frisson to your date with an escort, de Wallen could be just the place for a fun and stimulating night out for two.