Out of all the escort services I provide I think my favourite must be the erotic massage service. Touch is one of the most needed human sensations. We all love to be touched, caressed, stroked. It can make us feel good and it can make us feel relaxed. It can make us feel wanted and it can make us feel excited. But what happens when you don’t have anyone to touch you in this way? When it seems like years since you were last touched?

Men often tell me that one of the reasons they choose to spend time with an escort is because they crave female companionship. They need to be up close and personal with a woman. To feel her touch and to touch another warm living body. Now, just like most escorts, I know that touch is a basic need and so I’ve taken the time to learn how to give a really good erotic massage; the kind of massage that reaches all the places a normal massage wouldn’t normally reach. I’ve learned and practised the skills until I’m able to stimulate both the mind and the body, and just by using my hands I can take my clients on a journey of discovery to uncover their physical reactions and their sexual desires.

Of course, an erotic massage is not just limited to what my hands can do. I’ve learned all kinds of special ways to engage my client’s senses and I especially love to use exotic and sensual massage oils to evoke the perfect erotic atmosphere. Sometimes I even use my whole body for stimulation – but that’s a story for another day.

We all need to experience the exquisite feeling of being stroked all over; it’s an essential need, it’s primal and it’s necessary to our well being. My erotic massages take the experience one step further and turn the dormant urge into something totally uplifting and I’ve found that the more I do, the more I enjoy them.