Having been an escort in Amsterdam for many years, I’ve come to realise that when men aren’t spending time in the company of escorts, they’ll get their sexual thrills in other ways, with masturbation being one of them. However, according to statistics published recently by Jezebel and Porn Hub, masturbations tends to drop off during certain times of the year.
Using information provided by Porn Hub to create an interactive infographic, Jezebel were able to show that there was a dramatic decrease in the amount of people watching porn during major holidays and at times when people were affected by a crisis in their lives. By monitoring viewers from different countries, they could see the effect of the major holidays and how family obligations and real life encounters tended to take priority and limit the opportunity, or maybe even the desire, to masturbate. For example, take the British Royal Wedding of 2011 – there was a sharp decline in British porn viewers, while the rest of the world carried on watching regardless.
It seems that people not only visit Porn Hub less during the holidays but they also masturbate less when they are travelling, for example going on holiday with the family, or at times of increased consumer stress, such as the run up to Christmas. However, while the statistics presented show that there’s a decline in porn viewing during these times, they can’t actually determine whether people have stopped masturbating. After all, sales of vibrators and other sex toys continue to remain stable so it seems that masturbation doesn’t actually stop, but maybe the perpetrators just use a different medium to stimulate their senses.
Whatever the reason, I personally think that during times of holidays and stress, we just don’t have the time to turn around, let alone the time to turn ourselves on. And if you’re on a relaxing vacation with your other half – why do you need to resort to porn at all?