So often we read descriptions of escorts in The Netherlands describing them as slim or slender, but what about the guys who prefer their women to have a few more curves? Well, let me tell you that there’s plenty of curvy escorts out there and that curvy girls are sexy too!

In my experience, as long as a woman has confidence in her own body, most men aren’t put off by the more curvaceous escorts. In fact many men particularly request escorts who can be classed as BBW’s or big, buxom women because they find them eminently more sexy. But sexy isn’t a just a size, in fact it hasn’t got anything to do with size at all. Sexy is an attitude. Sexy is a beautiful, confident woman who is comfortable in her own skin, no matter what her size.

Just take a moment to imagine one of our curvaceous busty escorts, wearing nothing but a set of silk and lace underwear and a pair of hold up stockings. Imagine this scantily clad woman gazing lasciviously at the camera with the promise of all eroticism she’s going to unleash during your meeting. Imagine her literally bursting out of a leather bustier, or rocking a pair of latex pants stretched tight over her curvaceous buttocks. And then tell me that curvy escort girls are not sexy.

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